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It is possible to eliminate 92% of machine breakdowns by adopting some simple tactics, including using the right lubricant in the right place and using the right technique. These are tips for reducing machine downtime.

Mining & Drilling

Our expertise lies in providing the highest quality lubricants alongside the proper lubrication processes and services that create sustainable value for customers.

Power Generation

Discover how Solustrid’s technical leadership and long standing relationships with OEMs enables customers across all sectors to achieve their ambitions, no matter how big or small.

Automation Industry

We are supporting the Energy Biosciences Institute’s research into using biochemical processes to store and deliver energy.

Manufacturing Plants

Working on towards driving a new and sustainable ways to release cash - from within their business - driving both growth and efficiency.

Chemical Research

Well services personnel have undertaken all aspects of Intervention design, planning and execution phases with Solustrid being for delivering best in class solutions for both long and short term projects.

Oil & Gas Engineering

Our scientists are passionate in their goal of finding ways to make fuels more efficient, while delivering improved performance

We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates.

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We’re world’s leading engineering business since year 1995
We believe Solustrid’s strategy, portfolio and strong financial framework give us the ability to thrive through potential changes to the energy system to 2030.
We always have determination to find efficient solutions
We're driving our business strategy in the context of climate-related risks and opportunities? This report helps answer questions from shareholders, governments and non-governmental organisations about what the energy transition means for Solustrid
Swift Technological Progress of

Power Generation

The result is bio-bean, today creating a coffee-derived B20 biofuel on a scale large enough to help power some of Canada’s buses - one of the busiest and most iconic networks in the world.
The Dynamic Market of

Process & Energy

Transition Report sets out why we believe Solustrid will be resilient to expected changes in the energy system and how our strategy should allow us to thrive as the world transitions to lower-carbon energy. As well as describing Shell’s understanding of the transition, it provides information about our medium-term resilience, and examples of how we are already active in many of the growth areas that will drive our continued success.

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