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We are Solustrid

We are committed to provide safe
industrial solutions to many factories

At Solustrid, Our goal is to generate oriented sales by our staff members which enables us to meet the clients expectations in timely manner for Quality Petroleum products & services

Our business commits to delivering integrated solutions for your marine operations with various technology companies.

we made the strategic decision to concentrate almost exclusively on our own proprietary products and reduce our wide product range. Downturns, out of necessity make people think short term and short term thinking is the enemy of innovation


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Our Mission

The world will need much more energy to power homes and fuel transport for a growing population with rising living standards. But to counter climate change, energy must increasingly come from lower-carbon sources. Our know-how, technology and innovations are helping to deliver more, cleaner energy.

Industry Vision

By 2050 the number of people on the planet is forecast to grow to 9 billion - that’s nearly 2 billion more of us than today. Many people in emerging economies will join the global middle class. They will buy refrigerators, computers and other appliances that consume energy. And many will buy cars, more than doubling the number on the road.

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We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measures
We are Solustrid

We offer Industrial Solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

  • Leading industrial solutions with best machinery
    Meeting these challenges will require a radical change in the global energy system and a range of new energy sources. Because the energy system is so large, and demand for energy is rising so quickly, to achieve these changes will take a huge collective effort.
  • Accurate vision of products to client’s requirments
    It describes our previously-stated ambition to halve the Net Carbon Footprint of the energy we sell by 2050.
  • World’s leader in engineering business
    We are using our know-how, technology and innovation to deliver more, cleaner energy to help meet the world’s growing needs, and find ways to use energy more efficiently. We also work with partners, communities, governments and others to do this in environmentally and socially responsible ways
  • Solustrid has potential to find efficient solutions
    We are involved in several projects to safely capture and store CO2 to mitigate the use of hydrocarbons. These depend on government support to be financially viable and to become more widespread. Replacing a coal-fired power plant with a gas-fired plant that has CCS can cut CO2 emissions by up to 90%. We also have a decade of experience in wind power, with involvement in nine projects in North America and Europe.
We are Solustrid

Board of Directors

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Director & CEO

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Senior Director

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HR Head

Ruby Charlotte

Engineering Head

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